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Artist's glove

The artist's glove provides painters with comfortable support while painting. Made of soft sponge, it is suitable for most hand sizes and even left-handed people. With its fabric lining, the glove ensures a firm grip, preventing the brush from slipping.

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The kit includes:

Set of pre-mixed acrylic paints

Assorted size brush set

Premium canvas with frame

Reference card included

Simple getting started guide

Benefits of paint by numbers

There are many benefits to painting pictures by numbers. First, this activity is very relaxing and therapeutic. While coloring the different numbers, you focus on the present and forget about everyday worries. This helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Also, painting pictures by numbers is a great activity for developing creativity. Even if you follow the numerical instructions, there are still plenty of customization possibilities. You can choose the colors to use and even add extra details to make the image even more unique.




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