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Custom paint by numbers | your love

You can use a photo or any image to create your design. It could be a photograph of your family, your home, your pets, your favorite ice cream, or anything you love and want to keep in your memories.
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Dimension: 40x50cm
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The kit includes:

Set of pre-mixed acrylic paints

Assorted size brush set

Premium canvas with your photo

Reference card included

Simple getting started guide

Improves fine motor skills

It helps strengthen small muscles, such as fingers and joints, and teaches you to show dexterity by filling in the small numbered spaces with the right color. The entire process of image creation becomes an exercise for the hands and eyes, which can be beneficial in the long run.

Promotes an active lifestyle

As the small numbered spaces begin to gradually fill in to see where the painting goes, the person becomes more enthusiastic and energetic, making them active, stimulated and full of life, thus promoting physical and mental health.

Stress and anxiety management

Coloring by numbers is a perfect anti-stress and anxiolytic for children and adults. When you start filling in the numbered spaces precisely and meticulously, your mind automatically focuses on the task at hand. Your mind is free from all thoughts, tensions and worries, you are completely focused on the exciting process, which makes you calm, relaxed and at ease. All anxieties and stress will gradually begin to disappear and you will become more optimistic, rejuvenated and enthusiastic.

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