6 reasons to color paintings by numbers

6 motivi per colorare i dipinti con i numeri

1. Achieve harmony

There is something yoga about coloring by numbers: a feeling of relaxation, of immersion in oneself, in one's inner world… I call it a conversation with oneself. You don't know how to fix a problem - brushes in hand! It is very useful to look at it from another angle, to understand for yourself: do something urgent or just accept it and move on.

2. Fashionable jewelry with your own hands

How pleasant it is to hold in your hands a ready-made, sometimes only long-suffering work! Then look for/think for it a worthy decoration and a place on the wall, which unfortunately no longer becomes... How nice that there are relatives and friends who will appreciate and with great pleasure accept this beauty as a gift!

3. A unique gift

For creatives, receiving a coloring book by numbers is not only pleasant, but very welcome. Really, is it desirable to know what your artist's favorite subjects are? Even better, find out what kind of paint he dreams of and cannot find - in this case it will not be a gift, but just a bomb!

4. Acquire skills and abilities

Through coloring, you gain some experience in drawing. I personally know some people who started out with paint-by-numbers, then got carried away with the process and discovered opportunities to grow in art direction. Someone took a painting class, someone started taking lessons on YouTube, learning to work not only with acrylics, but also with pastels, pencils and other artistic mediums.

It is difficult to overestimate this kind of courses for children: they develop fine motor skills, train memory, attention, diligence...

5. Universality - suitable for everyone

This hobby is suitable for everyone: women, men and children of all ages. By the way, even the stronger sex loves to color and, it must be said, they do it in a masterful way! Special respect to them!

6. Coloring can become a family hobby

When my girls were little, to paint by numbers, I printed simple coloring books, on the side of which was drawn a color by number palette (as in the picture).

They used pencils to color their first drawings. Then pencils were replaced by colours, paper by cardboard or canvas... and now everything is already mature and it must be said that they don't draw only with numbers.

Now one of our favorite activities is threesome painting. If possible, we try to carve out time on weekdays as well. And I feel that our common cause brings us even closer together.

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