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La vernice applicata per la pittura con i numeri si è seccata

The paint applied for paint by numbers has dried out

Is your paint by numbers kit gathering dust from dried colours? Don't worry, we'll take care of it! In this article, we'll explore some practical ways to spice up your artistic endeavors and get th...

6 motivi per colorare i dipinti con i numeri

6 reasons to color paintings by numbers

1. Achieve harmony There is something yoga about coloring by numbers: a feeling of relaxation, of immersion in oneself, in one's inner world… I call it a conversation with oneself. You don't k...

Come dipingere immagini in base ai numeri

How to paint pictures by numbers

How do you place the brush strokes? Collect a lot of paint with a brush and first put it on the number that is written in the center. The center of the piece should be painted like this: init...